Boya Smallest 2.4Ghz Wireless Microphone with Lightning Connector (1TX+1RX) BY-WM3T2-D1

  • For Video, Vlogging, YouTube, Instagram
  • Miniature Transmitter with Built-In Mic
  • Plug-In Receiver for iOS Phones/Tablets
  • Dual-Channel Receiver
  • Noise-Cancelling Function
  • 10 Hours on Rechargeable Battery
  • USB Port on Receiver to Charge Devices
  • 164′ Range
Product Code: 16457 SKU: 6974700652415

18.000 KD

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Ideal for journalists, YouTube/Instagram creators, TikTok personalities, and vloggers, the Boya BY-WM3T2-D1 is an easy-to-use, true-wireless, digital microphone system designed to capture clear, intelligible speech to an iOS smartphone or tablet equipped with a Lightning port.

With an omnidirectional microphone built inside the clip-on transmitter and a compact receiver that plugs directly into your recording device, the system delivers a true cable-free experience with no bodypack and no cables required, allowing complete freedom of movement for demonstrations, presentations, and performances. Thanks to the transmitter’s miniature housing, you can clip it to clothing, slide it into a shirt pocket, place it on a podium, or hold it in your hand. This enables you to position the microphone near the speaker’s mouth to deliver greatly improved sound quality compared to the built-in mics on mobile devices.

The transmitter and receiver pair automatically once you power up the system, making the BY-WM3T2-D1 easy for anyone to use, regardless of experience. The system delivers reliable transmission with a clear sound at a distance of up to 164′. The transmitter will run for up to 10 hours on its built-in rechargeable battery, while the receiver is powered by your mobile device’s Lightning connector. The receiver also sports a USB Type-C charging port, allowing you to charge your mobile device while the receiver is connected.

The dual-channel receiver means you can add a second transmitter (available separately) and record two on-camera personalities to your iOS device at the same time without having to add a second receiver, keeping your rig compact and lightweight. The BY-WM3T2-D1 comes with a foam windscreen for the mic/transmitter to reduce wind and breath noise. A USB charging cable is also included.


Plug-In Dual-Channel Lightning Receiver for iOS Devices
  • The miniature receiver plugs directly into the Lightning port on your mobile device, which also supplies it with power
  • The receiver features a USB Type-C port that allows you to charge your iOS device while the receiver is plugged in
  • The built-in analog to digital converter supports audio resolutions up to 16-bit / 48 kHz
  • Use the Noise Cancellation function to reduce unwanted background sound when recording in loud environments
  • Because the receiver is dual-channel, you can add a second transmitter (available separately) and record two people at once using only a single receiver
True-Wireless Microphone That’s Easy to Use and Ready to Go
  • Use the compact clip-on transmitter as a true-wireless microphone with its built-in mic element—no cable between mic and transmitter required as with traditional bodypack transmitters
  • The mic’s forgiving omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sound from 360° around the capsule, making it easy to place the transmitter on your subject and get high-quality audio
  • Because of its ultracompact size and super-light weight, the transmitter won’t tug at your collar when you clip it on
  • You can quickly mute the microphone/transmitter with a short press of the power button
  • An LED indicator on the transmitter shows power, muting, and low-battery level
  • This digital wireless system avoids interference from TV and radio waves by operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, which occupies frequencies beyond those of television, radio transmissions, and UHF wireless microphone systems
  • For optimal performance, environments with limited Wi-Fi / 2.4 GHz traffic and minimal physical obstructions are recommended

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